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Quan Luong is a Vietnamese filmmaker based in Winnipeg, Canada. After moving to Canada in 2016, he worked on 100+ hours of TV for international broadcasters as a colourist while obtaining a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Manitoba before transitioning to working on set. Now Quan mainly works as a Director of Photography on docu-series, documentaries, and independent films. His first feature documentary “Seeking FIRE" premiered on Prime Video in November 2022 which he co-directed and shot. In 2023, his short documentary “I Hurt Myself” was nominated for best short documentary cinematography at the 66th Canadian Society of Cinematographers award. Some of Quan’s recent work includes a CBC Gem docu-series called "Finding Diamonds”, a feature film called “Don’t F*ck With Ghosts”, and a short documentary called “Tailor Made” which was also nominated for the 67th CSC Award.


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